The Orangesicle of Beer?

5% ABV
Wheat Ale with citrus & vanilla flavors

This October we took our beerventures to the American Southwest where we had the pleasure of trying some really fun local brews. Of all the beer we tried, one in particular really stood out to us in terms of flavor and drinkability.

The Papago Brewing Orange Blossom was unanimously one of the most delicious ones. Chelsey thinks it has more of an orange, citrusy taste. Megan disagrees. Megan tends to gravitate towards vanilla flavors in general so it’s possible that she didn’t actually taste the citrus less, but focused on the vanilla more.

Final Thoughts:

  • It is delicious, 10/10 recommend
  • Chelsey leans more towards the orange flavor
  • Meg leans more toward the creamy vanilla flavor
  • It’s not bitter, but it’s not super sweet
  • It’s pretty light & drinkable, doesn’t get boring so you can smash multiple

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